What's the point of using an ERM (Enterprise Resource Management) system?

Essentially, to be ahead of competition through innovation, organization and communication. This is what we can supply you.

Our team is good at software engineering, project planning and architecture development.

To answer your needs we combine our software development skills with hard work and discipline, so that we can finally come up with the desired product.

We strive to understand your demands in the clearest way and to supply you with a high-end functionality solution made possible by quality programming. We focus both on the specifics of your company and your objectives so that we can produce a rewarding program for your business.

Basically, an ERM solution enables you to run all departments within your company with a single system in accordance with company standards.

ERM applications serve the needs of people in finance as well as it does the people in human resources and in sales, in a way that various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other.

Please share your ERP ideas and let us work out a special solution for you.

What does the ERP project development involve?

To guarantee success our team sticks to the following points:

  • Thorough communication with the client
  • Good understanding of client's concepts and demands
  • Set of clear and feasible software requirements
  • Well-written specifications with focus on detail
  • Time and tasks schedule
  • Preparation of a prototype to show feasibility and compliance with your requirements
  • Implementation of software development

A custom ERM system ensures that your company serves in the best way both to customers and suppliers. Information about order status, inventory levels and invoice reconciliation can be produced quite easily, and most importantly, with control on security levels.

Basically, to streamline the whole business cycle we can build an ERM system comprised of 3 fundamentals:

  • Business-to-business software to manage work flow with suppliers and partners
  • Business-to-consumer software to serve your customers in terms of order status and billing information
  • Intranet system which allows to organize and keep track of employees' work and carry out internal communications