Customer Relationship Management Systems

Our skills and services cover the development of custom Customer Relationship Management systems. We believe that a company-specific application with high flexibility can be a real improvement to your business as your own solution firmly follows your company practices and serves your sales goals best.

A CRM system improves your relations with customers by means of:

  • Sales automation functions
  • Schedule of sales team performance
  • Single database to keep all market information accumulated from points of sale or by telemarketing, response cards, trade shows, web forms etc.
  • Schedule of follow-up calls to target prospects
  • Customized HTML email templates that grant you a personal approach to clients
  • Timely marketing campaigns that address the needs of your clients and prospects

Most importantly, a custom solution by Mirchev Ideas provides to your organization:

  • Additional functionality
  • Flexibility
  • Set time frame and project schedule as per your requirements
  • Access to supervise the project on the spot
  • Opportunity to bring in changes

Our team is ready to help you with software expertise and commitment in the development of your CRM program. Our experience has taught us to work efficiently on small budget projects as devotedly as on large complex systems. Mirchev Ideas engineers are meticulous in their programming work while our Customer Service team is given to clearly understand you, so that you can get a high-quality application in the end.

We can build a reliable system which enables you to:

  • Follow a personal approach to customers
  • Send timely follow-ups to prospects
  • Measure sales team performance
  • Store market-specific information
  • Carry out time-sensitive activities

How do we manage CRM projects?

To guarantee success in CRM program development we invest time and efforts in:

  • Thorough communication with the client
  • Good understanding of client's concepts and demands
  • Set of clear and feasible software requirements
  • Well-written specifications with focus on detail
  • Time and tasks schedule
  • Preparation of a prototype to show feasibility and compliance with your requirements
  • Implementation of software development

Please share your CRM ideas and let us work out a special solution for you.