PHP RAD платформата на Мирчев Идеас

Възможностите на MI PHP Framework

Това, с което продуктът MIPHPF се различава от другите подобни платформи са реалните възможности за уеб програмиране. MIPHPF предлага:

Създаден е за бързо програмиране
Голям брой готови функции, с които MIPHPF ще Ви спести много време при създаването на динамични страници.
Superb Quality
Made FROM professionals FOR professionals MIPHPF is of very high quality as is seen by the various features it provides. For details, see below.
In-built Functionality
MIPHPF incorporates in itself a big number of fully developed libraries of classes and functions that are automatically triggered thus saving the effort to make all these yourself.

Other Features

MIPHPF has a number of other extremely useful features that you gain:

Multi Platform
Borrowing from PHP's own multi-platform flexibility, MIPHPF operates virtually identically on Windows and Unix platforms.
Easy Installation
Installing and configuring MIPHPF takes less than half a minute after you've done it a couple of times. For more information please see the New Installation section. In addition, to run MIPHPF you don't need any extensions, even PEAR - it will work with any standard *nix or Windows install.
Database Independence
MIPHPF offers database independence. It can provide connectivity to any database on the market.
MIPHPF allows users to customise the user interface. All messages can be displayed in any language.
MIPHPF has been very vigorously tested against any possible security holes. Although no product is 100% secure, MIPHPF can be considered as the measure for security. MIPHPF uses standard PHP sessions which propagate persistence of user data using cookies by default.
Developer and Designer Friendly
The MIPHPF framework aims to be Developer and Designer friendly. It is divided into classes which accelerate the workflow process. Development tasks can easily be shared and progressed in parallel. The templating system used is based on standard HTML pages, so designers can use popular HTML tools such as Dreamweaver, Netscape Composer, or Frontpage to edit templates. Dynamic values are represented like %%DATA%% and are very simple for designers to differentiate from static content.

What else do you get?

The MIPHPF is fully documented. Its framework documentation was created using phpDocumentor and provides full documentation of all classes and functions.
Code Examples
Full set of understandable and useful examples that will help you to take advantage of all MIPHPF features and to make professional web-based solutions.